provide installation and maintenance service for elevators and escalators in India. Our team of 500 is dedicated to serve complete elevator and escalator solutions to our clients – from design, manufacturing, installation to maintenance and modernization.

Our customizable and space saving MRL (Machine Room less Elevators) can be installed in many buildings where normal elevators can’t be installed. It saves cost, protects the aesthetic design of buildings and makes maintenance easier and cheaper.

It can be programmed on-site in accordance with changing parameters of the building and ensures easy and quick fault diagnosis; outperforming conventional elevator systems. The powerful microprocessor provides more flexibility and efficiently controls all elevator functions with high reliability for better passenger comfort and maximum safety.

01.Auto Running without Driver:Automatically stop at leveling and open door;automatically close door with time delay; manually close door before set-time of close door;automatically store interior floor selection;automatically respond external in-turn calling.

02.Auto Close Door with Time Delay:After elevator door is opened,it si kept this state and then it is automatically closed after delay time(delay time can be adjusted according to elevator operating requirement)

03.Overload Protection:If the load of elevator exceeds rated load,the overload indicating lamp will light and alarm is sounded.The elevator will not be run if the door is not closed.

04.Function of Energy Saving:If the elevator is not operated for 15 minutes,the illumination and fan inside car will be automatically turned off.They will be turned on at once by instruction at any time.

05.Auto Stop when Fault Occur:If the fault occurs when elevator running in midway,the elevator will slowly run to nearest floor,stop at open-door zone and then automatically open car door.

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